Mobile Wallet Solutions

    Today, what is most common between companies and its customers is CONVERGENCE. It is also what Infinia’s mobile wallet solutions have been built around. These tools sync the consumer need of ‘everything digital’ with a company’s effort to connect at every level of frequency, purpose and loyalty. Infinia applies its state-of-the-art technology, people expertise and acumen to achieve a convergence as close knit as possible.

    • Multi-Purpose Wallet Platform

      The WBMS (Wallet Business Management System) platform is a single source empowered to deliver multiple payment conveniences in terms of channels and type of payments. As such, it hosts various Wallet Programs and Payment options. It works as ‘Software as a Service’ (SAAS) white labeled for customers with Omni-channel support. Read More
    • Enhance your Customer Experience

      Infinia’s mobile wallets are made to be very ADAPTABLE to ensure a comfort level of interaction with them. They are thus designed to be in sync with the latest in digital networking media - social media, new adaptations in mobile technologies to bring the best solutions with the most up-dated tech tools. It provides the edge to stay above competition. Read More
    • Managing Payments Easily

      To be PERVASIVE, Infinia’s mobile wallets are made VERSATILE in functionality. Functions like bill payments, recharging mobile and other data cards, loading and transferring money, become possible. The wallets take privileges a step further by including social and messaging channels. Read More
    • Total Secure Payment Solution

      Infinia has adapted its technology to offer the very essence of loyalty - Security and Trust, into its mobile wallet solutions. It ensures payments are always transacted within an environment that is the private space of the user, applying Infinia’s Digital Tokenization Solution to protect privacy and prevent fraud in mobile payment transactions.

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