AFS Partners with Giift to Provide Loyalty Solutions Published-Dec 7, 2014
Arab Financial Services , the leading payment card processor in the region, has announced the launch of a new online loyalty program solution in association with Giift Services and Solutions, a UAE-based leading loyalty solution provider.

Traditional loyalty programs offer very limited redemption options, usually limited to a catalogue or cash back. And more often than not, the redemption experience involves paperwork and other procedural delays. With this new online loyalty program solution, the cardholders will have an entire ecosystem of airlines, hotels, car-rental agencies, online stores, brand vouchers, sports events, celebrity and lifestyle experiences, etc. to choose from and the loyalty point redemption is 'instant'. All AFS partner banks can subscribe to this path-breaking loyalty solution. It is worthwhile to note that this program allows Banks to offer pan-Bank loyalty programs encompassing all retail asset and liability products.

On the occasion of the launch of the services, Mr. B Chandrasekhar, CEO of Arab Financial Services said "AFS has always been at the forefront of introducing innovative services. This loyalty offering in partnership with Giift goes beyond the loyalty program stereotypes and is designed to heighten the loyalty redemption experiences of the retail consumers."

Mr. Prashant Khattar, CEO of Giift commented "We are very excited to work with AFS as the preferred loyalty solution service provider. The synergies between the partners is very symbiotic. This partnership envisages offering transaction processing, loyalty analytics and a seamless loyalty platform, which are the cornerstones to a successful roadmap for these financial institutions."

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