• InfiShop

    InfiShop is a modular online shopping platform with over 3,000 products across key categories, such as electronics, books and household items. Our partnership with Aramex guarantees a secure and fast delivery, once your clients make a purchase.
  • InfiMart

    InfiMart gives you the convenience of shopping for groceries and other household items online from the comfort of your home, instantly redeeming your points for all the things you need to keep your family happy and healthy. 
  • InfiPOS Network

    Redeem your reward points instantly at a merchant partner under the global InfiPOS Network. Infinia plans to develop its loyalty system outreach globally – allowing customers to redeem rewards internationally, rather than just within their own country.  Infinia is laying down a POS Network to support instant redemption across thousands of merchants in the MENA & ASEAN regions, and support the loyalty program redemption platforms for Infinia.
  • InfiVouchers

    Our instant, online redemption process turns your points into a voucher from Infinia merchant partners in under two minutes. Quick, painless, instant: InfiVouchers is the perfect solution for consumers on-the-go in a fast paced, mobilized world.

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