E-commerce Solutions

    E-commerce provides a platform to compete using flexibility, scalability, innovative technology and sophisticated management tools.

    • Excellent Customer Acquisition Tool

      Ease of accessibility and use, and a good customer acquiring and engagement tool.
    • An end-to-end E-commerce Ecosystem

      Infinia offers an end-to-end e-commerce ecosystem with 'pay-as-you-go' model and zero IT investment. We provide a cost efficient SaaS based platform and complete e-commerce online store management solution.
    • Multi-faceted E-commerce Solution

      A wide range of tools namely website, domain name, secure shopping cart, product catalog, payment gateway, e-mail accounts, marketing tools, reporting or mobile-optimized store are used to design your desired platform. Attributes such as discount and coupon codes, social media integration, newsletters, automatically generated customer lists can be included to your convenience.
    • Specialized Solutions for varied Customer Segments

      E-commerce is ideal for niche products. There is a growing need for specialized and a larger diversity of products to cater to different customer segments that our solutions account for, to maximize customer experience.

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